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I recently had my brows and eye makeup done by Jolie. It looks great! Being a professional and mother of 2, I have very long hours. Permanent makeup allows me to look fresh all the time. I couldnít be happier with the results. Love them!

Cynthia N. (analyst)


I have to admit I was very hesitant and nervous. But when I meet Jolie, her high level of experience and her friendly, calm, competent manner put me completely at ease. She took the time to draw nice shape and pick the right colors. I highly recommend her job

Patricia C. (Nutritional Consultant)


Thank you so much for a great job on my brows and lips. I've had so many great compliments on the work you did! It looks fantastic!!! Thank you for your time, patience, and talent.

Sandra K. (bookkeeper)


Getting my eyes , eyebrows and lips done with permanent makeup has been one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. Jolie is an absolute perfectionist. She spends a lot of time selecting exactly the correct colors for your skin tones. Thank you Jolie for doing a wonderful job

Bettina K. (educator)


I came to Jolie with a need of a correction on eyebrows and lip liner. I had a wonderful result due to Jolieís artistic talent. She took my eyebrows that looked like two worms and transformed them into natural looking ones. As for my lip liner. My lips looked uneven and unbalanced. Jolie worked her magic again and turned my lopsided looking mouth to a balanced and natural mouth. She is terrific and I will recommend her to all of my friends. Thanks So Much!!

Irene B. (retired)


I am very pleased with both of my procedures that Jolie did. What a difference it has made in my looks. Itís such a luxury to wake up every morning with perfect brows and rosy lips! Thank you.

Tamara V. (medical)


I am thrilled with how Jolie did my eyebrows and eyeliners. Jolie is honest and very knowledgeable in her profession. Just having my eyebrows done makes me look ten years younger. My eyes look much more defined. I absolutely love what Jolie did for me. Jolie is a truly gifted artist. She has an incredible eye and her technique is perfect. She loves people and her work. I am so glad that I have chosen Jolie and would recommend her to anyone needs permanent makeup

Joe F. (medical field)


I had done with Jolie my eyebrows, eyeliners and lip color. I receive the highest compliments as no one can tell they are enhanced. I wake up in the morning and look good. I go to the beach and never worry about smeared or running makeup, or touching it up to look fresh again Thank you for making my face so ď maintenance free..Ē I will keep coming back for necessary refresh-ups for as long as you around.

Susy B ( American express agent )


Jolie gave my eyebrows the natural arch. She really listened. Jolie encourages feedback throughout the entire procedure and is not done until its just right I spend much less than I realized in the morning and it looks good without makeup on the weekends. My husband loves it too!

Suzall M (finance)


My life seems to be less complicated since I had my permanent makeup done by Jolie. No more embarrassing moments when those penciled brows accidentally rub off. More time to enjoy life .Thanks Jolie I feel fantastic!

Elissa W (management)


I have wanted to have my permanent makeup done for few years, but hesitated about permanency and pain. Jolie made it very comfortable and it felt more like a ďtickleĒ I did not have any problems after wards either. She is wonderful! Results are incredible! I absolutely love it!

Suzana (medical field)


Permanent makeup what a way to go! Jolieís permanent makeup techniques are flawless! Her attention to detail and precision is unmatched. My lips look the color of a natural pink. Exactly what I wanted. Jolie is very talented .

Livia M ( Aesthetic Nurse Practitione )


Where I am in gym or coming out of the pool or just donít have the time to put on additional makeup, I still have the natural look necessary. Also I can kiss my kid any time without having to worry about leaving a lipstick mark. Thank you Jolie for making our life easier and more fun. Thank you so much!

Alexandra M.( secretary)


I am always assured my makeup is perfect now. This certainly improves confidence in my appearance. The older you get, the more important this becomes. My only regret is that I didnít do it sooner. Thank you Jolie

Tee P. (retired)


It's such a time saver in the mornings and I donít have to re-apply lip color all day. Itís absolute confidence builder. Thank you Jolie, you have done a great job.

Celina D. (retired)


I have never had areola before and after much research through cancer patients, I found Jolie. They look natural and great! She also did my eyebrows and it actually looks like I have brow hairs. She is very personable and gives herself totally to her patients .As far as I am concerned, Jolie is the only person to go to for any type of cosmetic or paramedical tattooing. Thank you!

Frances H. (teacher)


I am so so so IN LOVE with my makeup! After 2 months of research and a recommendation from a co-worker, I finally took the plunge and I am completely happy and satisfied! It took me 20-30 minutes to to apply my eyebrows in the mornings, but now I am looking forward to waking up and going out the door without a thought or worry about my eyebrows. Jolie is very talented and simply fantastic at what she does. She is an expert at keeping the procedure as pain free as possible and keeping you calm and relaxed.I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Jolie!

Jessica M. (registered nurse)


Jolie applied permanent make-up to my eyebrows and also did recreational job of my areolas and nipples after I had a bilateral mastectomy. I can't thank her enough for a kind and empathetic approach to me . The results are fantastic! I look "normal" and feel so much better about myselfÖ..it was the solution to my problems.

Denise L. (dentist)


I donít like to wear conventional makeup, so I had Jolie do my eyebrows and eyeliner . My life is so much easier now, I never have to worry drawing my brows anymore. Thank you for taking away my eyebrows worries.

Tiffany O.(business owner)


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my eyebrows and lips. I am so grateful to you for making my lips and eyebrows beautiful again. They look exactly the way Iíd hoped they would. Your work and environment you set is very professional. Thank you again for job well done, the results and compliments tell, say it all.

Vicky S. (computer specialist)


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