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Jolie's Permanent Makeup in Plantation

If you’re in need of a permanent makeup artist in Plantation, look no further than Permanent Cosmetic Artistry by Jolie. Jolie provides permanent makeup solutions for all types of people with all types of needs. Some of her clients request permanent eyeliners and permanent lip color to save time by not having to apply and touch-up makeup every day. Others are recovering from illness or surgery and have imperfections they wish to camouflage. Jolie is also an accomplished tattoo eyebrows artist for those who wish to have fuller or darker looking eyebrows.

The needs for permanent makeup are as varied as the customers we see. No matter what brings you to us, you can rest assured that Jolie will give you 100% of her attention to detail to make you look your best in the safest manner possible.

Plantation’s Permanent Makeup Specialist
Jolie brings nearly a decade of experience to Plantation’s permanent makeup community. She developed her micro pigmentation skills in Europe and works to continuously improve them here in the United States through continuing education courses. Her membership in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and The American Academy of Micro pigmentation are just two examples of her commitment to professionalism, safety and ethics.

Jolie is dedicated to her customers and their satisfaction is her number one concern. Her professional paramedical tattoo skills have made hundreds of patients more confident about their appearance and her tattoo scar camouflage skills are second to none in Plantation.

Many patients worry about pain during the procedures. At Permanent Cosmetic Artistry we use topical numbing agents and anesthetics for most procedures. Since Jolie is under the direct supervision of a licensed physician we are also able to offer dental blocks as a lip numbing agent for our patients receiving lip color.

Services Available at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry
At Permanent Cosmetic Artistry we serve individuals looking for cosmetic solutions to many problems.

Whether they want to define their eyebrows or highlight their lips with permanent lip color, Plantation residents know they can count on Jolie at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry for their permanent makeup needs.

Contact us to set up your appointment today at 1-855-565-2682.

Permanent Cosmetic Artistry's Plantation Permanent Makeup Services

Paramedical tattoo services include:

  • Areola Restoration
  • Tattoo Scar Camouflage
  • Tattoo Eyebrows
  • Periareola Scar Camouflage
  • Stretch Marks Camouflage
  • Viltigo, Port Wine Stains, and Other Discoloration Camouflage

Permanent makeup services include:

  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Lip Color
  • Permanent Eyeliners
  • Eyelash Enhancement

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