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Anyone who is looking for a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance will be interested in permanent makeup in Sunny Isles. Also called cosmetic micro pigmentation, permanent makeup is the answer to your cosmetic concerns, be they naturally-occurring or due to illness or injury.

Permanent makeup artist, Jolie at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry, has been helping her clients look their best for over 8 years. She provides a full range of services from permanent lip color, permanent eyeliner and permanent eyebrows to tattoo scar camouflage and areola restoration in Sunny Isles.

Jolie prides herself on her attention to detail and customer satisfaction. That is why she is continuously striving to improve herself through membership in the top two professional associations for cosmetic micro pigmentation: the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and The American Academy of Micro Pigmentation.

Look Your Best in Sunny Isles With Permanent Makeup by Jolie
Many of her Sunny Isles clients come to Jolie unhappy with thin eyebrows, light eyelashes or pale lips. Through tattoo eyebrows, Jolie is able to transform sparse eyebrows into lush, perfectly sculpted brows that will never need tweezing. Pale lips can be enhanced with permanent lip color and eliminate the need for constant lip color touch-ups. Jolie’s tattoo scar camouflage can make even the most stubborn of scars seem to disappear.

Paramedical Tattoo Services by Jolie
Not limited to cosmetic applications, permanent tattoos have become popular as a way for patients to reclaim their appearance after illness or surgery. Cancer survivors who want the appearance of fuller eyebrows and eyelashes rely on Jolie to give them a natural look. Many women who have undergone a mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery approach Jolie for areola restoration. Sunny Isles residents have come to trust Jolie with their most personal cosmetic needs.

A testament to her artistry, skill, and professionalism is the fact that the bulk of her clients have been referred to her by their doctors, friends or family.

At Permanent Cosmetic Artistry, Jolie helps clients look their best. Permanent makeup solutions are offered in a clean, sterile environment and client confidentiality is assured.  Call us today at 1-855-565-2682 to set up a consultation.

Permanent Cosmetic Artistry's Sunny Isles Permanent Makeup Services

Paramedical tattoo services include:

  • Areola Restoration
  • Tattoo Scar Camouflage
  • Tattoo Eyebrows
  • Periareola Scar Camouflage
  • Stretch Marks Camouflage
  • Viltigo, Port Wine Stains, and Other Discoloration Camouflage

Permanent makeup services include:

  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Lip Color
  • Permanent Eyeliners
  • Eyelash Enhancement

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