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Look Your Best in Fort Lauderdale With Permanent Lips Color

Lips are among the initially observed facial features when you meet someone new. Having uneven or dull colored lips can make them less admired and not-so-kissable. This is the reason why women have to care for their lips along with other facial features to appear appealing from eyes to lips. One of the many ways to doing so is getting the lips permanently colored that can get rid of dull, scarred and aged lips and provide you with fresh, youthful and kissable lips.

We at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry by Jolie offer our clients tons of options ranging from permanently coloring to filling their lips, so they have symmetrical and vibrant colored lips that bring their whole face to life. Our expert beauticians and coloring procedure specialists are well-versed in ensuring you get just the color you want along with beautiful, pout-able shaped lips if you desire.

Make Scars and Age Lines Disappear:

With our state of the art procedures and advanced techniques, we make sure that everyone who gets lip color or filling process from us leave with a beautiful smile on their face. The reason why we are among the pioneers who provide the best permanent lips color in Fort Lauderdale is that we pay close attention to the details.

Whether you have scars or age lines on your lips, we make sure that our exclusive procedures take care of them as well. Not only we remove such marks and lines, but we also make the lips full, stretchy, and youthful.

Furthermore, we also offer lip lining to our clients if they just want to define the contour of their lips. The gist is that no matter how you want to enhance your lips, we have the skills, tools and the expertise to get you the results you desire.

Kiss Your Lipstick Goodbye:

When you have lips that have an ashy color or have become dull due to age or other pigmentation factors, you use lipstick to make them appear visually appealing. But why go through the annoying process of putting on lipstick every day and then adjusting it every hour when you can get permanent lip color?

By getting the carefully selected lip color that matches with the overall look of your face, we make sure that you never need a lipstick of that color again. No matter how you eat your food, wash your lips or drink coffee, you will not have to worry about constantly adjusting your lipstick, enjoy the freedom!

We at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry by Jolie are here to consult you on your journey to getting youthful lips again. Just give us a call and we will help you achieve the beauty your lips deserve.

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Permanent Cosmetic Artistry's Fort Lauderdale Permanent Makeup Services

Paramedical tattoo services include:

  • Areola Restoration
  • Tattoo Scar Camouflage
  • Tattoo Eyebrows
  • Periareola Scar Camouflage
  • Stretch Marks Camouflage
  • Viltigo, Port Wine Stains, and Other Discoloration Camouflage

Permanent makeup services include:

  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Lip Color
  • Permanent Eyeliners
  • Eyelash Enhancement

All services, whether cosmetic or paramedical, are performed under topical anesthesia. Jolie works under the direct supervision of a physician, which allows her to offer dental blocks for patients receiving permanent lip color in Fort Lauderdale.

If you’re sensitive to the ingredients in many of today’s cosmetics, want to eliminate the daily makeup routine or want to hide some skin imperfections, contact us at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry today. We’ll evaluate your situation and recommend options that are right for you.

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