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Look Your Best in Fort Lauderdale With Permanent Makeup by Jolie

Permanent makeup is a great way to enhance your appearance without resorting to more extreme methods such as plastic surgery. From permanent eyebrows to permanent lip color and eyeliners, cosmetic micro pigmentation augments what you already have. And no one is better able to provide you with permanent makeup in Fort Lauderdale than Jolie at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry.

Jolie has been helping her clients look their best for nearly a decade. With early training in Europe, Jolie has perfected her skills right here in the United States and now brings her expertise to Fort Lauderdale. Permanent makeup can help you get a jump on your day by eliminating the need for applying makeup every morning. Sought after by athletes and businesswomen alike, permanent eyebrows in Fort Lauderdale have been used to enhance brows, replace eyebrows entirely or fill in sparse brows. We see all ages of people from all walks of life enjoying the benefits of permanent makeup.

Jolie's experience is not limited to cosmetic applications, however. She is highly skilled in paramedical services such as tattoo scar camouflage, areola restoration and tattoo eyebrows. Fort Lauderdale physicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists know that Jolie's attention to detail and artistic eye are second to none and routinely refer their patients to her for their micro pigmentation needs. She has trained with some of the best educators in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry and keeps her skills and training current through continuing education classes. Jolie is a licensed Esthetician in the State of Florida and has many other professional credentials.

Permanent Cosmetic Artistry's Fort Lauderdale Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent makeup services include:
Permanent Eyebrows
Permanent Lip Color
Permanent Eyeliners
Eyelash Enhancement

Paramedical tattoo services include:
Areola Restoration
Tattoo Scar Camouflage
Tattoo Eyebrows
Periareola Scar Camouflage
Stretch Marks Camouflage
Viltigo, Port Wine Stains and Other Discoloration Camouflage

All services, whether cosmetic or paramedical, are performed under topical anesthesia. Jolie works under the direct supervision of a physician, which allows her to offer dental blocks for patients receiving permanent lip color in Fort Lauderdale.

If you're sensitive to the ingredients in many of today's cosmetics, want to eliminate the daily makeup routine or want to hide some skin imperfections, contact us at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry today. We'll evaluate your situation and recommend options that are right for you.

Jolie's Certificates & Diplomas

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